Helping Hands Store now located in Spring Hill

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The Helping Hands Store has been in operation less than two months in Spring Hill and already it receives a lot of traffic. Part of the reason lies in the fact it is situated on Locke Avenue, a popular shortcut street.

Operated by the married couple Bobby and Nellie Bennett, the store was previously in Peytonsville for the past ten years.

“There is a lot of traffic coming by,” Mr. Bennett said. “Sometimes I see them hitting their brakes and slowing down when they look our way. Spring Hll people have been good to us.”

The store, across the street from the Spring Hill Veterinary Clinic, offers used and some new items of all sorts and descriptions. Clothing is 99 cents.
It’s a non-profit operating under 501 (c)(3) rules.

“We like to work independently and avoid all the restrictions in place when you are affiliated with certain organizations. We do our own screening and checking. We will help anybody anywhere.”

As proof, Bennett noted how Helping Hands, while still in the process of renovating its current location, shipped two tractor trailer loads of goods to victims of last summer’s tornado aftermath in Alabama.

Sent was bedding, couches, microwaves and other items donated at an opportune time to Helping Hands from a motel.

The building, at 133-B Locke Ave., was until recently a garage for Bagsby Tractor & Truck Service, still in business next door.

In addition to the Bennetts, several volunteers pitch in to help with daily activities.

“We welcome anybody who wants to volunteer,” said Mr. Bennett.

A grand opening is planned a little later.

“I need to add some more shelving and get it the way I want it. We’ll plan something special this spring.”

Helping Hands has a large truck available and on site for pickup and delivery. The phone number to call is (615) 604-2055.