West View – “Making new memories”

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West View is the only active adult lifestyles community in Spring Hill. Located on Depot Street in the heart of Spring Hill, this small peaceful community is making “new memories” for its residents, while others are reminiscing about its past.

Memories of this area were made years ago when the fist public school in Spring Hill was built on this property and later when the school was turned into a home. The following information was written by Effie Heiss, the previous owner and long-time resident, for those of you new to Spring Hill and others that enjoy recalling the earlier days.

“The name West View is taken from the name of the first public school built in Spring Hill, it was located on this place. Built circa 1910, the small two-room, two-teacher West View School housed twenty-five students, grades one-through-eight, in its first years. It was heated by two coal-burning open fireplaces and a coal-burning stove. Bessie Odil was the fist principal. In January 1918, Myra Thompson McKissack took over as teacher/principal–from then until her retirement many years later, she was affiliated with the school which, over the years, evolved into the Spring Hill High School. Liza Warren was her assistant during the early years. Mrs. McKissack has noted that during the first years of her tenure, everything was uncertain, supplies were scarce and costly, the shool had to close for six weeks during the spring one year to conserve coal. There were no conveniences–water was drawn from a well, there was no indoor plumbing, no janitor to build the fires or clean the rooms, no hot lunches, no free books. Within the next two years, the little school was overcrowded and in much need of desks, blackboards and playground equipment. “We needed everything, however, we improvised–wooden boxes and some small donated chairs became our desks.” Early in 1923 the little West View School on Depot Street, closed its doors as the teachers with their flock of students moved into the spacious brick building that had been vacated by the Branham and Hughes Military Academy (located at the present Tennessee Children’s Home on Main Street).

The property was later sold to the Gunnels family, who lived there until 1957 when it was sold to Bruce D. and Annie Laura Harris Dalton and their children, Effie and Bruce Edward. Effie married Paul Heiss, their three children Paul, II (Chip), Bruce Bernhardt (Bernie) and Susan were to grow up there–later grandson, Bruce lived there. The property remained in the Heiss family until 2007 when Effie Dalton Heiss sold it with the vision of seeing the old property being developed into a community for those adults 50 and over who were looking for an age-in-place residence.

Street names in the new West View are taken from the history of the property–West View, Dalton, Harris and Bruce.”

The new West View is a dream come true for many, i.e. people ready to downsize and upgrade or those wanting to simplify their lives. These quality-built townhomes, built by local builder Charles Raines Construction, LLC, are of stone, brick, and Hardi exteriors, with beautiful landscaping, easy maintenance and the added amenity, a community center, coming soon. This is a smaller peaceful community with only 68 townhomes (when finished) with sidewalks and a wonderful elaborate stone entrance. These beautiful townhomes are priced starting at $155,000. Model homes are available for viewing.

For more information go to www.WestviewSpringHill.com or call Monica Raines, Hometown Realty, 615-302-3660. This is a community you will be proud to be a part of.