Happenings in Hampshire

CSX Retirees had a smaller number than usual at their monthly breakfast at Shoney’s Wednesday, August 4, but still enjoying the comraderie.

Thursday, August 5, was election day, electing those who will be the voice for the public for the next four (4) years in Maury County and Tennessee. There were several days prior to this date for early voting, and, thus, providing everyone eighteen years and older an opportunity to make a choice.

Eighteen (18) attended Harriette’s Stitchers Thursday, August 5, at Maury Arts Guild, sharing their creations and learning the technique of making a temari ball. Following this learning session, several enjoyed lunch at Campbell Station, celebrating Mary Margaret Lovell’s birthday.

Election day results are final. Only 35% of Tennesseans voted, thus, giving a minority the choice to choose those who make the decisions about the laws we will be following and those serving to protect us. At November election would it not be great to have, at least, 51%, a majority, showing their patriotism in electing our leaders.

Charlie and Oneida Werger have visited family in New York State and toured Cape Cod, finding the weather much chillier than Tennessee’s, leading to an earlier start for a winter wardrobe.

It doesn’t make any difference how many feeders you have for the hummers, they can be emptied rather quickly.

Thirty-one (31) youth of all age divisions from Cathey’s Creek church of Christ participated in the Sandy Hook Bible Bowl Saturday, August 7, achieving several awards.

John and Holly Willeford attended the presentation of the music of Frank Sinatra at Columbia State Community College Saturday, August 7.

There were signs everywhere in the area announcing that “Todd is now the nifty 50!” Happy Birthday.

Get-wells are extended to Martha Whiteside, Nita Leftwich, Hubert and Gertha Mae Duncan, George Umstead, Mark Cisco, Louise Nichols, Tina Wilkes, Deb Cisco, Charlie Anderson, Betty Skelley, Marjorie Graves, Patty Hedge, Joan Cothran, Glenda Harrison, and Pat Kennemer.

Family and Community Education (fce) members, Sarah Edwards, Cindy Baker, Betty Skelley, Mary Adkins, Gail Boyd, Extension Agent Starla Hardin, and Laura Hayes, met at Maury County Extension Service office Monday, August 9, making sixty-five (65) backpacks to give to the Sigma Lambda Chi who will, in turn, fill with age appropriate items and give to the children of soldiers from Tennessee who are serving our country on foreign soil.

Sympathy is extended to the families of Josephine Baxter, Tricia Cothran, Mary Pearl Foster, Mary Sowell, Tommie Cummins, Renis Baker, and Ed Himes.

Fourteen (14) attended Southern Belles’ Tatting Society meeting Monday evening, August 9, as each shared achievements since last get-together. Those attending the 2010 Tat Conference in Georgia are eager to learn new techniques, reaquaint with friends from past conferences, and purchase threads of various colors for tatting that cannot be purchased locally.

Tuesday, August 10, Judy Baxter, Holly Willeford, Jeanell Kutterer, and Laura Hayes took toiletries, magazines, chemo caps, eyeglasses, shower shoes, tee shirts, and more to Alvin C. York Veterans Administration in Murfreesboro, toured the hospice and cancer centers and learned more of the needs for the residents. The quilt has been completed for raffling Meriwether Lewis weekend, October 9, and ticket sales will begin soon.

Confederate Gray Chapter of United Daughters of the Confederacy met Tuesday evening, August 10, at Senior Center in Hohenwald. A note of apprecia tion was read from Hampshire School for the Chapter’s donation of Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education. President Jeanell Kutterer referenced the upcoming Tennessee Division of United Daughters of the Confederacy Convention.

Hampshire PTO sponsored an open house at Hampshire School Monday, August 16. Membership of PTO is open to students’ families, school faculty and staff, and members of the community. There are no membership fees, but any donation of money, kdeas, and actual work are appreciated. A new project for the 2010-11 PTO is the creation of a Supply Closet for teachers and staff, and a request for the donation of tissues, hand sanitizers, paper towels, disinfecting wipes, enabling teachers and staff to keep students and classrooms clean and sanitized for good health. Jack Coleman is the current PTO President.

There are three hundred seventy-seven (377) students currently enrolled in Hampshire Unit School. The new educators on the staff are Dwayne Dyal teaching science, biology, andcoaching baseball; Tonya Potts, second (2nd) grade; Sandra Hagler teaching Middle School math and serving as cheerleading coach; and RaeBeth Kanipe as Middle School Resource. Welcome to Hampshire.
Congratulations to Caitlin Boyd and Dustin Carroll with their marriage Saturday, August 14, at Cathey’s Creek church of Christ with a beautiful country setting.

Patricia Duncan and Kay Wood hosted a birthday celebration for mother, Lennie Hines, and aunt, Glenna Jones, Saturday, August 14, in the fellowship hall at Shady Grove church of Christ with a great number of family and friends sharing the event.

Kenny Durham will be at Kegs Springs Winery Saturday evening, September 11, benefitting the Lewis County Animal Society.

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Confederate Gray Chapter 2681 of United Daughters of the Confederacy met Tuesday evening, August 10, at Lewis County Senior Center with eight (8) attending, listening to the music of Dixie until opening of business session.

President Jeanell Kutterer opened the meeting with the flag service and UDC ritual.

Rosemary Hinson read a commentary about the two hundred second (202nd) birthday of Jefferson Davis, recognizing his contribution to America being one of the most outstanding statesmen of the United States who sacrificed everything to defend the South’s position regarding the rights of the states and conservative constitutional interpretation.

Correspondence from Hampshire Unit School was read in appreciation of the Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education from this organization, and Elmwood Cemetery (Memphis) and Bleak House (Knoxville) for donations.

President Kutterer and Laura Hayes went to Veterns Administration Hospital in Murfreesboro Tuesday, August 10, taking two hundred fifty-seven (257) donated items valued at $562.

A Catechism Quiz was given to the members, and Betty Barber was the winner.

On this month’s get-well list are Patty Hedge, Marjorie Graves, and Joan Cothran.

Historian Joyce Hildenbrandt told of Bernard Mannes Baruch, the son of Simon Baruch. Bernard was known as the Park Bench Statesman, an American Jewish financier who became a billionaire by age thirty (30), a member in the stock exchange, Baruch College is named in his honor, was presidential advisor to four (4) U.S. Presidents, and one of the most powerful men of the early 20th century. He termed the phrase “Cold War” in 1947, referring to the rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Unior. He remembered his father, Simon Baruch, saying that “money is secondary and of no use to man unless he does something worthwhile with it.”

For any information about this organization call Jeanell Kutterer at 931.285.0640.

By Laura Hayes